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Company set-up support

We provide all-around assistance for startups/entrepreneurs in Japan (ex. to select or introduce and acquire office properties, or to conclude a rental contract; to register to Legal Affairs Bureau; to apply residential visa for foreign nationals; to acquire business permissions/licenses from the authorities; to raise funds; etc.).

How to set up company in Japan

Business management, company establishment (company set up) and other visa status for foreign nationals

"Permanent Resident" "Spouse of Japanese" "Spouse of Permanent Resident" and "Long-term Resident" can establish and operate a company in Japan.
Moreover, it is not possible to establish and operate a company under the residence status of "student" or "work qualification", hence it is essential to acquire the "business management" residence status.
Our partner's administrative scrivener specialized on the process of acquiring on residence status will work as your agent and apply for the above mentioned "business management" visa in your behalf.
In addition, a standard business size (capital stock over 5 million yen), or alternatively, two or more full-time employees, ensured office space and business plan documents are important requirements to prioritize in order to be advantageous when applying for a business management visa.

Flow chart

Please refer to the checklist for a company establishment.

Step1 Decide the essential ponines of the company.

Step2 Prepare the Articles of incorporation.

Step3 Invest the capital fund.

Step4 Apply lose the registration of incorporation for Regional Legal Affairs Bureau.

Step5 Submit the notice to tax office. or any other authorities.

Step6 Start the business.