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Lawyers Introduction

Jun Kajita (Representative lawyer)

Since being admitted to the practice of law as an attorney, I have received requests from many clients both individual and corporate and have taken charge of a wide range of civil and criminal matters.
In particular, over the last few years, I have devoted myself to civil issues involving international elements (e.g., international family issues and immigration cases), thereby deepening my knowledge and experience. To date, I have handled hundreds of such matters, and I take pride in being one of the most experienced lawyers in Japan with ever-expanding expertise in this field. Our office will continue to handle international civil issues as a core part of our work while constantly striving to enhance our expertise in resolving a vast array of complex problems. If you are facing international divorce, international inheritance, immigration, or other such complicated issues, please feel free to contact our office.

Education and experience

Asahikawa Higashi High School
School of Law, Waseda University
Sophia Law School

*Study abroad in China (Beijing and Shanghai) during college days
2009 Registered to the Bar (Tokyo Bar Association)

Our Vision

Actively outreach and shine light in places where the law does not shine.

Our mission

I became interested in projects related to foreign nationalities or foreign relations based on my experience of visiting various parts of the world as a student. The people from many countries I visited welcomed me warmly and welcomed me as a foreigner who didn't know right or left. From this experience, in order to give back to him and her who welcomed me, foreign nationals who lived in Japan became more fond of Japan and created a comfortable society. I came to think that it would be a repayment.
In a rapidly internationalized society, many people in Japan also visit Japan and live as members of Japanese society. However, as a lawyer, I can't shake my head straightly when I think whether Japan is really a comfortable society for them or they can live without discrimination. There are actually people who are discriminated against or exploited in places where the light of the law is not.
As a lawyer, we give our office the sincere response and resolution of each case so that Japanese society can become a peaceful and loving society without discrimination based on race or color. It is a mission that has been established, and we believe that carrying out this is one way to realize the society we aim for.

Our Practice

1. Legal consultation in multiple languages
2. Active outreach
3. Proposal for solutions beyond legal issues

Our Office

Meguro International Law Office
Fukuyama-Bld 8F 1-24-18 Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063

Consultation application / Inquiry

10:00 to 17:0003-6421-7827